Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3)

Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3) is a proprietary Integrated Third-Party Administration (TPA) System. It allows seamless end-to-end tripartite management for Fullerton Healthcare’s corporate healthcare clients. It provides holistic features that facilitate employers, employees and insurance partners to access critical information online.

The Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3) system allows customers to enjoy the benefits of:

  1. Healthcare Administration Made Easy
    All claims on consultations with our GP and Specialists, including day surgeries and hospitalisations, can be processed efficiently online anytime and anywhere.
  2. Robust Security
    Engineered to stringent standards for online security, Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3) ensures users a peace of mind. The built-in security features comprise
    • HTTP Secure (HTTPS) - All online transactions are encrypted and secured between user and TPA system
    • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2) - Password is irreversibly hashed before storing onto TPA system
    • Audits Retrieval - Various audits can be conducted for added control. From IP address logging and record-level to critical business function reporting.
  3. Client Customisation
    The Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3) system is specially designed for our clients who are major MNCs, LLCs and Insurers that allow bespoke solutions for individual and business industry applications. HR professionals can retrieve data such as employees' health history or total medical claims with ease anytime.
    The HR and Employee Portal can support multi-lingualism. Its interfaces can also be customised to comply with corporate branding guidelines at a nominal implementation fee.
  4. User Mobility & Speed
    Designed for user mobility and browser friendliness, Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3) is powered by AJAX technology which also optimises speed and response time.